Caregivers Cup: Oriental Theatre Denver - Colorado's Medical Marijuana Award
Colorado Cannabis Caregivers Cup: Colorado Medical Marijuana Award

Caregivers' Cup 2009 Photos

Sept. 13, 2009

The Buds

A lovely lady.

Dan Skye of High Times photographs the samples.


Caregivers' Cup Winners!
Grand County Coop

Crunchberry: Swept all 4 categories!!!

Hawai'ian Indica Medical Cannabis
Hawai'ian Indica Strain from Grand Couny Co-op

The Music

The bands were excellent.
The music was enhanced by projections of closeups of some of the entries on the screen behind them.


Freedom Fighter of the Year: Jason Lauve

Jason Lauve is Awarded a Freedom Fighter of the Year Award for being acquitted of possessing 34 ounces of medicine by a Boulder County jury. Jason fought for the right of all patients to use as much medicine as they think is medically-necessary.

Rev. James Marks (right) of the THC Ministry in Boulder hands Jason his Freedom Fighter certificate.


Jason's is awarded a Silver Surfer Vaporizer, Willie Nelson Edition, engraved with "2009 Freedom Fighter"


Ian Sorensen and Jason Lauve shake hands and show off their vaporizer awards. Ian was also awarded a Silver Surfer vaporizer for winning the Caregivers' Cup.


Caregivers' Cup Entries

Caregivers' Cup Winner Video:
Grand County Co-op SWEEP!